Using UK equipment in US

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Mon Feb 19 22:55:48 2001

At 11:16 PM 2/19/01 -0500, Glen wrote:
> > I use a Formac ProTV and can view PAL on that (makes sense, since Formac
> > is a German company :-)
>And thanks to you too, Cameron. By pure coincidence I'm spending a week in
>Germany next month, attending the annual meeting of ZX-TEAM, the last active
>ZX81 user group. I could bring back a small color TV for my friend to use
>with the TC2048.

OK, but then that just sets up the next question. If you have a PAL TV that is
expecting 240V, 50Hz, will everything work OK if you simply get a 240V->120V
converter? Or are there things in the TV that derive timing from the 50 Hz

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