Solace, the Sol computer emulator, version 2.2

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 11:34:22 2001

I've just released version 2.2 of my Sol computer emulator, Solace.
Besides fixing a few bugs and making a few minor improvements,
I've added support for what I call Sol Virtual Tapes. These are human-
readable ASCII files that contain the state of a tape.

Just like a real Sol, two tape drives are supported, and files can be
recorded at 1200 baud or 300 baud.

Check out the whizzy user interface for the virtual tapes:

I'm quite confident that I spent more time working on the interface
than anybody will ever spend actually using it. But that wasn't the
point of doing it anyway.

Here are the release notes for Solace:

Here is the link to the main Solace web page:

Here is the link to the main Sol web page:

I've heard that Solace runs on Linux under the Wine (Win32 emulation)
and it also runs on a Mac via the RealPC emulator program (yes, an emulator
on an emulator). Now I have no reason to port it.

A few people have sent me items for the Sol archive which have been waiting
in line behind Solace, and I hope to get them online soon. After that, the
step for Solace is emulation of a couple Northstar disk drives...

As always, suggestions, bug reports, and donations of items for the Sol
archive are welcomed. If anybody with a Helios system can grab the ROM
image from their personality module, and more than that, can dump the
contents of a bootable disk, I'll add support for that disk system too.
Bob Stek was great and sent me source listings for PT DOS, but I can't
see myself OCRing and correcting 200+ pages of source code any time
Jim Battle ==
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