Emulex woes

From: W.B. <itq_at_hetnet.nl>
Date: Tue Feb 20 12:11:56 2001


Replacing an RD52 is not such a big problem. Just take a ST251 drive or
another MFM drive from an old PC and format it with your M7555 using XXDP
utility ZRQCH0.


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> Onderwerp: Emulex woes
> Datum: dinsdag 20 februari 2001 17:26
> Well the RD52 in my 11/83 died, only the second failure for this box
> in over 12 years. Tried to use the UC07 board (out of a mVax) to instal
> a SCSI drive but can't get the 11/83 to recognize it, let alone format.
> Anyone had success in using this board with the PDP11? I've set the
> address to 172154 as the M7555 is still onboard to allow the rx33 as
> the boot device. Will the DEC diags format the SCSI (i expect not)?
> Thanks ........ nick o
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