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<< Sirs:

Adrian Graham at the Online Computer Museum recommended I contact your group
to try to locate a disk for my Compaq Portable 3. I realize it falls into
the dinosaur category but someone gave it to me and the challenge of getting
it operational was too much to bear.
When it finishes counting all 640K of memory, it reminds me to use a setup
disk or hit "F1". When I do that, it mentions there is a non-system or bad
disk. Then the message keeps repeating when trying various type of DOS disks
I have. I have the feeling Compaq uses something like DOS but I have none of
those OS disks.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Bob Schoppe


Although I don't personally have one, I believe you should be able to use a dos disk. The only caveat being I am pretty sure only has a 720k drive. If you can find a 720k disk, format it and put your favorite dos's system files on it and then try it. It may sound funny, but I just recently ran into the exact same problem with a GRiDcase 3. Works like a charm now :-)
-Linc Fessenden
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