Atari guilt post, Socal Goodwill

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 16:01:08 2001

I was in the Santa Ana, CA Goodwill computer store yesterday and they let
me into the back to poke around in a couple of the big wire cage/bin
things. Under a heap of stuff I saw a box that said Atari 800, so I (very)
laborously dug down to it. Unfortunately it was just a foot tall stack of
Antic magazines and some local to SoCal Atari club news letters. Most
likely I could have purchased the whole pile for $5, but I passed as its
not my area and I don't have much of a feel for anybody elses interest. I
mention this to the list because if people don't make the things they want
known, most of us bin diggers will pass over the stuff.

FYI a second Goodwill computer store is set to open March 9th in Fullerton, CA.
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