A) Hooray for SOLace 2.2 & B) Type 'n Talk power supply needed

From: Bob Stek <r.stek_at_snet.net>
Date: Tue Feb 20 19:54:17 2001

A) Stop everything and run over to
http://www.thebattles.net/sol20/solace/solace.html and download Jim Battle's
newest update to the best emulator in the world. This guy is amazing! Now
you play and record virtual cassette tapes on your emulated SOL. It's the
next best thing to having a non-emulated Sol - <g>!

B) I finally found a Votrax Type n' Talk after a search of several months
(and refusal to overpay on eBay), but when I received it today, I found that
it lacks the power supply - a cute little thing with a 5-pin DIN plug
supplying 26 VAC, 180 ma on pins 1 and 3, 20 V DC 50 ma on pin 2 and pin 4
is 0 volt reference. Not exactly something I can whip up in a hurry.,
Sooo... does anyone have an "extra" unit they would like to trade - either
the power supply or both pieces. And if so, what might you be looking for?


Bob Stek
Saver of Lost Sols
Received on Tue Feb 20 2001 - 19:54:17 GMT

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