Fixing VT220s

From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 03:58:04 2001

> This is a common 'stock fault' with these units, and seems to
always be

I was hoping that was the case :-)
Seems like a lot of 80's display hardware have common ways of failing.

> caused by bad contacts at the horizontal hold preset. I've lost
count of
> the number I have fixed by the following procedure...

yep - that was exactly the problem - I found that out more by accident than
anything before reading your reply :)
I pulled the case off and just went to tweak the horizontal hold pot to see
what effect it had on the display (to try to track down the fault a bit
further) and the display choked into life as soon as I touched it.

now I just need to make a suitable comms lead, I seem to have lost all of
mine :)



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