UPS woes

From: Tim Harrison <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 08:24:47 2001

Richard Erlacher wrote:

> When the UPS guy delivered it, I was still at work, so instead of putting the
> package somewhere out of the way or delivering it the next day, the package was
> left in the driveway where it led into the covered portion of the carport. It

I've been fortunate since moving back to the US. My workplace is about
a 10 minute walk from my old apartment, so the UPS guy who used to
deliver to my home still delivers to my work. Since I live in the next
city over, we've got a different UPS guy for home.

However, my work UPS guy keeps tabs on my home UPS guy. He tells me if
he's going to be late delivering, if the package is damaged or not, and
has offered several times to bring my packages to work for me, on the
off chance that the home UPS guy goes on vacation.

It pays to be friendly with your delivery people. Even if they can't
stop the guy at the airport from playing Ace Ventura with your package,
they can at least make part of the trip smooth for you.

Tim Harrison
Network Engineer
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