UPS woes

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 08:23:59 2001

At 10:17 PM 2/20/01 -0700, Richard Erlacher wrote:
>When the UPS guy delivered it, I was still at work, so instead of putting the
>package somewhere out of the way or delivering it the next day, the package was
>left in the driveway where it led into the covered portion of the carport.

That's 100% UPS policy for residential delivery: they can leave it
seemingly anywhere unless the sender has paid extra for
signature verification. My favorite location is in the bushes,
where it will be found months later after the weather has
attacked it. (For those of you in California, "weather" can
be things like rain, the frozen rain we call "snow", etc.)

Think about the alternative: UPS trucks driving endlessly to
attempt to deliver packages to residential addresses where
no one is there to accept the package...

- John
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