Sun type5 keyboard on Sparc2

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Feb 22 20:00:04 2001

On February 22, Claude.W wrote:
> I got the Sparc2 a few weeks ago and cant get it to see the type5 keyboard I have to try it out with.
> I only have that one keyboard to test this so I don't know if there is a problem with the keyboard, sparc2, or its just that a type5 does not work on a sparc2.
> When I power on the keyboard, the leds flash on the keyboard (power ok to keyboard) , but I get a message on the sparc it cant ID the keyboard.
> I am suspecting the serial line trans/receiver chips for the keyboard serial line maybe have gone bad on the sparc, is that a frequent failure? Ill probe with a scope if I have to...

  That's not a frequent failure. I'd suspect a toasty keyboard. Can
you get your hands on a different one to try?

  (The type5 works just fine on ss2s.)

    -Dave McGuire
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