Who was first with ^Z^X^C^V editing shortcuts?

From: Edwin P. Groot <epgroot_at_ucdavis.edu>
Date: Fri Feb 23 01:09:25 2001

     A thought occured to me as I was trying to figure out setting up
X-Windows to use certain editing shortcuts:
^Z = Undo
^X = Cut
^C = Copy
^V = Paste ;how the ^H^H^H^H does a v represent insert text from cut
     These are ubiquitous now in Windows programs, but who came up with
this group of editing shortcuts that cluster so neatly on the bottom left
of the keyboard, right by the Ctrl key back in the early micros?
     My bets are Microsoft stole it from Apple. I don't recall this from
WordStar, with its myriad of Ctrl key combinations. One problem with ^C in
CP/M and DOS is they would promptly take you to the OS prompt from most

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