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From: kebabthesheep <>
Date: Wed Feb 28 09:30:13 2001

> From: Russ Blakeman <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2001 1:47 PM
> Subject: RE: EBAY - RS/6000 Powerserver 340
> > Does Linux/Unix run on the 7012-340 as well or is it strictly AIX? (more
> > curious than anything)
> MCA RS6k only run AIX. No Linux support yet and I dont think there ever will
> be...

I wouldn't be so sure. There is:
 at least, but there appears to be a slot available for porting netbsd to this:

i've seem a fair bit of other interest. I have two MCA RS6000s myself, and am interested in
working on porting linux/netbsd to it. Unfortunantly I have:

a) little knowledge of the hardware
b) No way of getting a console - my monitors won't sync on the video signal (I have several types
of graphics card available) and serial console doesn't work. I does however boot AIX quite
c) No time at the moment - maybe in autumn i'll be free

I do however have a spare powerstation 340 ( I think - I need to check) as well as many spare
memory boards (full populated) spare ram sticks, video boards, cpus, disks, floppies, etc...

I'm in the UK, so anybody over here (or in the US/Europe for that matter) needs any of the spare
bits, or possibly a complete system - let me know :)


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