Looking for Query/36

From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Feb 28 09:57:31 2001

<homer>Mmmmmm.... big iron......</homer>
There's a System/360 - System/370 emulator floating around called "Hercules"
The website, if I recall correctly, did have some links to System/3x0
software and other resources. I couldn't find it again but if your internet
skillz [sic] are better than mine...
Heck, if there are still companies supporting PDP/8's and PDP/11's....

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Subject: Looking for Query/36

> I just picked up an IBM System/36 (5362) yesterday. It works perfectly,
> (thankfully) had no password security. It has the Interactive Data
> Definition Utility, but not Query/36. I was really hoping to use it for
> something, and I was wondering if anyone has Query/36 on 8" diskettes. I
> have it on 5.25" disks, but not 8". Also if any one has any of the
> programming languages (BASIC, COBOL, etc...) I could use those too.
> Thanks,
> Owen
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