IBM SIMMS question

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Wed Feb 28 14:29:47 2001

Can anyone help me identify some odd IBM RAM?

I think that this is almost on topic, since the some of the datecodes
in these 72 pin SIMMs are from '91. These are made by IBM and apparently
were in some RS-6000 machine originally. However, they differ slightly
from normal 72 pin SIMMS in that the key notch is shorter, so that if
you try to install this on a normal SIMM socket, the module can't go
all the way into the socket. The notch in a normal SIMM is about 6mm long,
but the ones in these SIMMs are just 3mm long.

All SIMMs have 10 chips. Some have the following sticker:

40 IBM091
4M 80NS E
P/N 68X6356
FRU 70F9973 (these have ten IBM chips with the numbers 01G9222, M15075P0)

the remaining one says

P/N 68X6356
P/N 09G9647
FRU 70F9973 (This one has ten HM514400AS8 chips)

So I am guessing that these are 4MB, ECC propietary modules.
Can anyone confirm? Or, perhaps I could file a larger notch
and use these somewhere else?

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