IBM SIMMS question

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Feb 28 16:27:14 2001

>Can anyone help me identify some odd IBM RAM?
>I think that this is almost on topic, since the some of the datecodes
>in these 72 pin SIMMs are from '91. These are made by IBM and apparently
>were in some RS-6000 machine originally. However, they differ slightly
>from normal 72 pin SIMMS in that the key notch is shorter, so that if
>you try to install this on a normal SIMM socket, the module can't go
>all the way into the socket. The notch in a normal SIMM is about 6mm long,
>but the ones in these SIMMs are just 3mm long.
>All SIMMs have 10 chips. Some have the following sticker:
>40 IBM091
>4M 80NS E
>P/N 68X6356
>FRU 70F9973 (these have ten IBM chips with the numbers 01G9222, M15075P0)
>the remaining one says
>P/N 68X6356
>P/N 09G9647
>FRU 70F9973 (This one has ten HM514400AS8 chips)
>So I am guessing that these are 4MB, ECC propietary modules.
>Can anyone confirm? Or, perhaps I could file a larger notch
>and use these somewhere else?

4 MB RS6000 it looks like, check out this site.

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