Nuke Redmond!

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Jan 15 18:18:30 2001

> My problem with MS isnt' that it has been's
>that they want you to have one choice for all of your needs...thier
>products. What software companies out there have the resources to
>take MS on if MS truly decided they wanted to move into that area?

Quicken is still doing pretty well after three years of MS essentially
giving away Managing your Money, bundling it in every product installer,

I don't know why Intuit has survived, but I am kind of curious given the
boneheadedness of the product. I mean everybodies first two programs are,
hello world, then checkbook. Granted they have put more than a little
polish on Checkbook 1.0, but they have also managed to drag it out over 9
major releases.

The reasons I use Quicken are simple, I "know" it works, and the cost is
incidental to the value as well as the risk of using another product that
"might" cause me financial grief.
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