Nuke Redmond!

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Jan 17 04:21:32 2001

ajp166 skrev:

>>> On the other hand, who knowsif history had been different, perhaps
>>> Apple and Microsoft would have gone away, Linux and other free UNICEs
>>> would never have come into existence, and most of us would now be
>>> using MP/M-IX with a GUI, many security features and long upper-case
>>> filenames, using 64-bit 300MHz CPUs descended from the Z80.

>I. The Pentium is related to the z80 by way of the 8088 based on the

And Zilog developed a 16 (or 32-bit?) descendant of the Z80 themselves, too, I
might add. The Z8000.

>III. There were 16 bit decendants of 6502, they had potential.

The 65816, right? Used in the Super Nintendo, amongst others.

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