OT memory too cheap to pass up

From: Chris Kennedy <chris_at_mainecoon.com>
Date: Sat Jan 27 17:16:53 2001

Tony Duell wrote:


> What I have never managed to find out (and if anyone here knows, please
> let us all know) is (a) what power line this resistor loads (it has to be
> either +5V or +12V as it connects to a drive power connector) and (b)
> what is the resistance (and wattage) of this resistor.

Caution: What follows is from memory which is increasingly subject to
bit rot.

My recollection was that it loaded the 12V line, not the 5V line. I
don't recall the value nor the rated wattage, but it was packaged
in the finned metal package (as opposed to ceramic) that I generally
associate with things dissipating above 5W -- and it was sporting
heat sink compound between it and the cage, suggesting that there
was at least an attempt being made to dump heat into the rest of the

> I'm not sure how essential it is either. Certainly most PC/AT PSUs don't
> like running with no load (they trip, they don't fail permanently), but
> in my experience only the 5V line needs to be loaded, and the motherboard
> will do that. Certainly I've run PC/AT machines without a hard disk and
> without this load resistor.

As have I (that machine, in fact). My assumption was that it simply represented
conservative design on the part of IBM to avoid the 12V supply becoming
unloaded when the floppy wasn't running.


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