DecStation Help please!

From: Lincoln Fessenden <>
Date: Mon Jan 29 09:23:17 2001

I have a couple DEC Maxines (5000/33's) and I am desperately trying to
install a virgin Ultrix 4.2 on them without any luck. Someone please help!
I have the CD media for Ultrix 4.2 using a scsi drive that works to install
on old Sparcstations so I am assuming it handles 512 sectoring.
The cdrom drive works fine. The Ultrix 4.2 cd looks fine (an original).
If you watch the boot messages on the machine it finds the cdrom drive on
rz6, so....
I rebooted and at the prom, I try
boot 3/rz6
and then
boot 3/rz6/vmunix
both without luck.. After each command the response is identical. The
cdrom spins up for a minute and then stops. No further prompts, action,

Anyone have any suggestions?
Received on Mon Jan 29 2001 - 09:23:17 GMT

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