Please help me ID cards(32)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 14:30:48 2001

At 06:55 PM 6/2/01 +0100, Tony wrote:
> > 17) ISA. VERSATEC IBM-INTERFACE. A10-026546-002-A. 37-pin DB external =
> > port
>Sounds like the interface for a Versatec electrostatic matrix printer
>(the standard connector for that, at least for the V80, was a DC37). The
>Versatec electrostatic matrix printer is a predecessor of the laser
>printer, and had a resolution of about 200dpi. It worked by building up a
>charge image on specially coated paper and then passing liquid toner over
>it. It worked, but the smell of the toner, and the fact that it blocked
>from time to time made it fairly unpopular....

Except that _all_ Versatec plotters used this interface eventually. The
C2300 I had was wax transfer 300DPI color that could make 11 x 17 color
prints that matched any poster shop (in fact a lot of poster shops use/used
the Versatec) it wasn't until market pressure forced them to adopt
Centronics and then other high speed interfaces did they change. So the
bottom line is lots of Versatec plotters could use this card.

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