OT: looking for an adapter

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Jun 10 14:20:22 2001

I'm amazed at the range over which the prices of these cables vary. I've found
(via google.com) 3' cables with the VHDCI connector at one end and the normal HD
68-pin at the other, for prices ranging from $178 to $35. Surely there's some
difference other than quality, though it's not obvious from the posted


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> > I've recently developed a need for an adapter from the "ultra-high-density"
> > connector used as the external port on MYLEX RAID controllers to the
> > WIDE (68-conductor) or even NARROW (50-conductor) cables used for SCSI
> > Do any of you guys know of a reasonable source of, say, USED but functional
> > cables of this sort? They don't come with the controller and MYLEX wants
> > price of a small country for one.
> I've bought some from a local guy. He usually has some listed on
> eBay, but you could try asking him direct. The 68-pin connector on
> the other end is a right-angle connector. His email address is
> denton_at_orison.dsserv.com and his name is Clay. I can't remember what
> I paid for them, but it was reasonable.
> If you're not in the US this probably won't help.
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