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Date: Thu Jun 14 02:49:12 2001

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> > I wrote:
> > > When I was a system admin for Lucent (1997-1999), I was amazed at how much
> > > they depend on UUCP for internal file transfer.
> >
> > It was pretty much all TCP/IP in '97 in Holmdel.
> They used a combination of UUCP over IP and UUCP over some AT&T serial
> protocol over fiber. Can't remember the product name. Cost a bundle
> for a compatible Sbus card and the license for the driver.

Datakit... TM 8-)

I wish I knew what that really did on the fiber.
I figure it was some kind of ATM or Frame Relay kind of protocol.

They used to charge per ethernet drop at the labs for TCP/IP.
Datakit was much less expensive internally so they used it more often.
About 3-4 years ago they started the "Atlas Space" project of
cubicle-ization and they stopped charging per port for the 100 BaseT in
the newer area. This meant Datakit was dead.

Main use with Vaxes was through a serial port to datakit mux
unless they got the very expensive card for the Vaxes.

IIRC -- It kind of worked like a Micom Data switch if you were on the
Mux ports. You could connect from your terminal/pc to just about

I guess it kind of reminded me of X.25 connections or micom ports
outside of AT&T/Lucent.


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