UUCP and Netnews

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_bg-tc-ppp1485.monmouth.com>
Date: Thu Jun 14 02:53:12 2001

> I think what I was thinking of was a way to DIRECTLY get mail, news and
> files ON TO antique machines without having to use newer machines as an
> intermediary.

Sure... Retro-net news... Cnews or Bnews (or Waffle).
We could lose all the spam and idiots with multilevel marketing schemes
and porno.

> In other words, a UUCP network of vintage machines all talking to each
> other. Of course, there are SOME isps who still support UUCP but the
> number is rapidly decreasing. Probably 99% of ISP folks would say,
> "UU whatzit? You mean UUnet? Weren't they bought by WorldCom and
> MCI? You want a T1? We can sell you a T1!"

Tell me about it... My local ISP founded by some AT&T types
didn't want to deal with it... I was hoping to keep the uucp
connectivity to the house up. But the mapping project was dead and when
I left Fort Monmouth my uucp connectivity was too.

> I'm reasonably certain you can run UUCP not only on about anything
> that has a hard disk but even some things that don't.
> It also has the advantage of being a) VERY well tested software and
> b) not under the control of any monolithic organization.
> Anthony Clifton
> Des Moines, Iowa

Count me in.

Let's reopen the uucp mapping project and establish new connectivity!

  Bill Gates is a Persian cat and a monocle away from being a 
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