From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 09:21:59 2001

--- Bill Pechter <> wrote:
> > --- Bill Pechter <> wrote:
> > > I wrote:
> > They used a combination of UUCP over IP and UUCP over some AT&T serial
> > protocol over fiber. Can't remember the product name. Cost a bundle
> > for a compatible Sbus card and the license for the driver.
> Datakit... TM 8-)

> I wish I knew what that really did on the fiber.
> I figure it was some kind of ATM or Frame Relay kind of protocol.

I have absolutely no idea.
> Main use with Vaxes was through a serial port to datakit mux
> unless they got the very expensive card for the Vaxes.

Right. We didn't have the expensive VAX card, but we did have expensive
Sun cards.
> IIRC -- It kind of worked like a Micom Data switch if you were on the
> Mux ports. You could connect from your terminal/pc to just about
> anywhere.

Yep. You just had to know what the port was called.
> I guess it kind of reminded me of X.25 connections or micom ports
> outside of AT&T/Lucent.

It's also like a never-released product from Software Results called (in-
house) the "Node Box" - it was X.25-like between boxes and had wads of
serial ports for local connectivity. No big deal by today's standards,
but in 1984, it was an advanced product. The idea was that you would
create your own private terminal-server network to route traffic throughout
your company, including between facilities, but back in the days when
9600-baud leased lines were pretty sweet.


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