What do you people use for tape cleaning ?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Mar 1 04:12:43 2001

>as the subject says, what do you people use for tape cleaning ?
>I have a few drives that desperately need cleaning, a HP 9144 and a
>HP 9145 (the 9145 is smart enough the blink the "CLEAN" (or something)
>led on power-up). The not-so-desperate cases are a QIC-24, QIC-150,
>HP 7979A and a HP 7974.
>The few docs that I have seem to recommend some sort of Freon based
>substance but for some weird reason I can't find it in the stores:)
>So, now my plan is to use isoprophyl alcohol but I'd like to be sure
>before I do any damage.

Most of us have private hoards of the good stuff, but cleaning with
anything that doesn't harm the device is better than nothing. If you use
alcohol, don't use rubbing it has glycerin in it, use disinfectant alcohol.

One of the things I have seen recently in the Office Depot clearance area
are cleaning kits for older media, but I don't remember just which at the
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