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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 14:56:44 2001

--- Tony Eros <> wrote:
> Yeah, let's get rid of all those stupid non-metric
> measurements. Especially those pesky units of time. I mean, what idiot
> came up with "seconds", "minutes" and "hours", anyway? The "hours" even
> repeat twice every "day" -- how stupid is that!

Hopefully this is meant humorously. The second _is_ a metric unit
of time, even though minutes/hours/etc are not reckoned in decimal
> Then again, maybe DEC had it right all along -- KiloCoreTicks forever!

I figured you'd be a fan of "micro fortnights" (1.6 sec, the rate at
which VMS asks you to enter a date and time at startup time if none
can be divined from the hardware)


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