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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 17:14:35 2001

>That's exactly one of the reasons I so dislike the metric system. It
>seems to go from units that are too small to units that are too big.
>Plus, they don't mean a whole lot to me, which I admit is a matter of
>adjustment. Since I have been raised with American measurements, I
>don't think I would ever totally become accustomed to the metric system
>at the same level.

        At least the U.S. monetary system is pretty logical and
appears to have been well thought out. Monetary systems in other
parts of the world are horrendous when it comes to doing the
conversions, not to mention some of them just plain don't make sense
at all. Back to the metric system though, the current generation of
kids are far more comfortable with it. They've been taught it from
day one, unlike those of use who went through school in the 1970's
and before.

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