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Date: Tue Mar 6 11:06:16 2001

From: Iggy Drougge <>
>anglophony, since they are archaic beyond reason. I wonder why there
>been a revolution in America, isn't the people tired of using all that
>and oz stuff?

;) Yep.

- I own a toyota... metric tools.
- I did many years ago work on british morotcycles decimal inches.
- I have a full tool crib, fractional inches, however, drills are number,
  fractional inch and decimal inch. The verniers and micrometers are in
  thousandths of an inch.
- However, my us standard snow blower uses the US common 14mm spark plug.
- I fly a plane and use knots not MPH or KPH. My altimiter is in inches
  weather is in millibars.
- I cook, grams, oz, drams, pinches, "abit of" and so on.

An all I wanted to do was drill an eigth inch hole for a number six screw
to mount
the capacitor (condensor) in my 10m reciever.

I ponder this over a cup of Coffee. ;)

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