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Date: Tue Mar 6 11:06:42 2001

Yes, they're archaic. They've been with us for a long time, hence it's terribly
difficult for us to let go of them. The ones hardest to give up are those that
are the most convenient. It's much easier for me to consider a "cup" of water
than to think of it as 236.5 ml, or even rounding up to 250 ml. When you go to
the corner pub for a mug of beer, you know about how much beer that is. You
know that if your friend has had three glasses of beer, he's probably not safe
driving his car, though you probably believe that if you've had three mugs of
beer, you're not unable to walk.


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> Jason McBrien skrev:
> >Metric is awful for medium sized measurements, though. There isn't a nice
> >replacement for the "Foot" (Decimeter? I don't think so... besides I think
> >it's a measuring instrument) And the cc is an awkward unit for measuring
> >medium sized volumes. Add 600cc of water to your brownie mix? What's wrong
> >with two cups? Metric is fine for many measurements and I don't care about
> >switching, as long as we still use Imperial for certain things ( I REFUSE to
> >go 100 Kilometers per hour, I will always go 60 MPH, and I'll run two miles
> >a day though two kilometers would be easier :)
> Why add 600 ml (I suppose that's what a cc is) when you could just add 6 dl?
> Frankly, I have never bothered to learn those odd units used in the
> anglophony, since they are archaic beyond reason. I wonder why there hasn't
> been a revolution in America, isn't the people tired of using all that inch
> and oz stuff?
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