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> There are another couple of books I would recommend Scott Guthery
> track down:
> "High-Level Language Computer Architecture" edited by Yaohan Chu.
> Published by Academic Press, 1975, ISBN 0-12-174150-8.

Another good one. I'll check for references to SYMBOL in this book when I
get home tonight.

> > Has the SYMBOL machine machine been mentioned? (There's one
> in on display at
> > the Computer Museum History Center in Mtn. View CA.).
> One, or part of one?

I believe TCMHC only has the CPU. Its the box on display between the PDP10
and the Meiko supercomputer. BTW, David Ditzel of Transmeta worked on SYMBOL
(at Iowa?) and recently rediscovered the machine on display during a recent

When I was in college in the 75-79 timeframe HLL architectures were the
subject of considerable interest and research (and I believe this was the
case for the previous 20 years). I was originally drawn to working at HP by
the work they had done providing microcode support for an incremental APL
compiler on the HP3000 (which was the subject of a lawsuit HP lost before
withdrawing the product, but that's another thread). I thought it was a
fascinating field, but the tidal wave of RISC architectures in the early-80s
I think pretty much killed off HLL architectures (which I believe was the
right thing).

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