Value of a small VAX farm

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Date: Tue Mar 6 23:54:39 2001

> to know if these machines' value (in terms of power to acquire the PDP-11 parts
> that I want, either by money or direct trade) is greater than the cost of the
> trip to get them.
> The VAXen:
> VAX 6000-310
> VAX 6000-410
> VAX 6000-420 (2 of them)
> VAX 6000-510 (2 of them)
> VAX 7000-610 (cpu cards removed)
> Cost of trip: $500

How about the cost to store them! Do you happen to realize how big these
systems are likely to be? As for value, I'm not sure that they really have
any, 6000's are pretty much given away these days from what I've seen, and
without the CPU cards the 7000 is probably worthless.

The real question would be what cards are in them. The right cards could
have real value. I'm afraid I'm not really up on that class VAX, so am not
sure what cards would have value though.

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