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>> have our personal preferences. But let's also determine (at least
>> for ourselves) a general principle or two that points to the value
>> of classic computers -- more specifically -- their purpose and our
>> realistic expectations of them beyond mere entertainment value.

>First and foremost : Education.

Excellent. Now that we have a general principle with which to begin,
how could we expand on it? One thing that comes to my own mind are
the lessons we can learn from how our earlier computer and software
engineers worked so cleverly with such meager resources, which forced
them to create more efficient code and creative shortcuts to avoid

>Secondly : Preserving some of the forgotten areas of computing.
>Either as examples of what not to do in the future, or as examples
>of things that should be tried again (either because the technology
>to implement them was not really available years ago and is now, or
>because, although there was a suitable replacement, the older
>method with newer technology is even better).

Wonderful! In this matter, we see eye to eye. I'm all for the idea
of constructing new computers built upon the tried and true principles
of "frugal" designs. Our classic computers could serve as the
inspiration for such possible endeavors.

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