Us vs. Museums

From: Mario Premke <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 04:05:08 2001

Hi, everybody ...

> That sounds very much like an individual seeking out
> autographs in person from celebrities. I don't sense
> anything particularly educational about that type of
> experience with computers.
> >>Would you suppose that there are other causes even
> >>more significant than encouraging computers as a hobby
> >>through museum displays?
> >Of course, but that doesn't mean that there's anything
> >wrong with it.
> Neither did I say there was. I asked whether you might
> suggest "other causes even more significant" than a personal
> hobby.

I for myself find it useful to see that 'ancient' computers are able to
fulfill my 'everyday' computer needs - and perhabs others will see as well
that for writing a letter no one needs 1Ghz and 512MB ... and in addition
there's a learning effect to deal with systems which can be understood in
it's very detail.

Sorry for giving my 2 cents, while on the list for only a few minutes ;-)

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