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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 17:21:15 2001

Richard Erlacher skrev:

>Yes, they're archaic. They've been with us for a long time, hence it's
>terribly difficult for us to let go of them. The ones hardest to give up are
>those that are the most convenient. It's much easier for me to consider a
>"cup" of water than to think of it as 236.5 ml, or even rounding up to 250
>ml. When you go to the corner pub for a mug of beer, you know about how much
>beer that is. You know that if your friend has had three glasses of beer,
>he's probably not safe driving his car, though you probably believe that if
>you've had three mugs of beer, you're not unable to walk.

Your point being what? When I get up in the morning, I drink from a cup, not
from a "2,5 dl". That's the measurement, not the container.
Besides, what makes the Anglosaxon measurements so particularly unique, apart
from their loneliness in the modern world? Every country has had its own odd
measures, but have since discarded them. Two hundred years ago, it would be
common for a Swedish sailor to sacrifice half a sk?lpund of his own flesh in a
bet, but nowadays, most people would agree that he'd be sacrificing some
hekto(-grammes) instead.
You're free to use a cup as much as you like, just don't use it for exact

En ligne avec Thor 2.6.
- Hur tar du bilder fr?n TVn?
- Jag anv?nder mig av en digitalkamera och fixar s? det blir m?rkt i rummet
och kn?pper sedan bilden.
- Hur g?r du dina mp3or?
- Jag kopplar ett par h?rlurar till TVn, s?tter en mic framf?r h?rlurarna och
spelar in med valfritt inspelningsprogram.
    Jenny Hannula
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