Mac SE30

From: Billy D'Augustine <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 12:29:22 2001

> Weird. Do you have a Disk Tools disk for it? You can boot off a floppy and
> circumvent that, it sounds like a weird INIT or Extension. What version of
> MacOS does it look like?

I'm a Mac ignoramus. I owned a broken 512k briefly, but was never able to
fix it. Unfortunately, I can't answer these questions. Without a keyboard, I
can't navigate enough, and didn't see any info regarding version when it was

> SE/30s use regular old ADB mice and keyboards. Every swap meet has nine
> billion of them, but CompUSA still sells new ADB mice and keyboards if you
> don't mind the highway robbery. Look for the small circular plug with four
> pins and one big plastic prong. DON'T BUY THE USB ONES. ;-)

I looked briefly on e-bay, and found I could buy a full SE/30 with keyboard
and mouse for $20 + S&H, so I'm going to hope I don't have to spend (any or
a lot) of money.

> I don't know about OpenBSD, but NetBSD is definitely supported on
> that model.

OpenBSD supports the SE/30. That's one of the first things I checked :)
Anything that NetBSD supported, when OpenBSD broke off, is still supported.

> Beware, since the SE/30 has 24-bit "dirty" ROMs. My advice is to
> land a copy
> of System 7.1 (or 7.5.3; Apple has that free for download although it will
> be a slower boot than 7.1 on that system), wipe the machine,
> install Mode32
> if 7.5.3 doesn't include it already, and then install NetBSD.
> (NetBSD requires
> MacOS to boot.)

I looked briefly for System 7.5.3, but didn't find it. Admittedly I didn't
search long, but when I get a kb/mouse, I'll worry about that.
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