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From: ajp166 <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 19:41:12 2001

From: Mike Ford <>

>> The two largest open source projects, Linux and Mozilla, both total
>>3-4 million lines of code. It's estimated that there are anywhere from
5 to
>>50 million lines of code in Windows.
>The way to fix windows ISN"T to play with the existing code, its to
>document the user interface and program API, then start from the best
>kernal model you can find for expected hardware and build on that. Wait
>minute, thats linux, never mind.

Having used of Caldara openlinux 2.3 I can sy they did a good job
getting closer to W9x in most ways bad.

W9x no matter what version and that includes WinME all suffer from
the same two basic problems in my book. The kernal is not well protected
from buggy apps and the file system is not protected from buggy apps
crashing the kernal. The two things that NT and most of the unix clones
seem to have fairly correct.

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