Great new finds for the musuem

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Mar 9 18:32:16 2001

>The last couple weeks have been a little slim but I got the following
>A Mac TAM, I know not 10 years yet but I'm looking for a couple items to
>make it a complete unit. Does anyone have a original CD case and TV
>Antenna that came with it ? I'm also looking for the original boxes
>that the TAM and it's parts came in, this seller had tossed them long
>A digital DECmate model VT278-AH and the rolling ROX02 8" drive unit,
>cables and manuals.

        Good job aquiring both a TAM and VT278. Good thing the DEC
came with the drive unit and such! I have a DECmate II myself. As
for the TAM, it's just outright cool and actually has a bit of an
upgrade path still.

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