Old complete terminal in a keyboard found...Synertek System Corp KTM-3..odd?

From: Claude <claudew_at_videotron.ca>
Date: Fri Mar 9 19:00:18 2001


Well for me too things have been pretty slow my collection is growing
and it is now tougher and tougher to find new stuff...

I found an older terminal in a keyboard from a company called:

KTM-3/80 from Synertek Systems Corporation

Production date : 3/24/81

Looks like a self-contained terminal in a keyboard with a composite
video out (or rf?). Very odd looking for me and I dont recall seeing a
lot of these things way back. I have not tested it yet but if anybody is
interested, Ill take a picture and post the link here.

The thing has a flat cable with a db25 sticking out from it. Its just
slightly thicker than an "ordinary" keyboard...

On/Off switch, P.S. jack, RCA jack and someone (thanks!) stuck a piece
of paper that gives the DIP SW settings for the baud rate etc under the

Ill check the P.S. requirements and test the thing eventually.

If anybody collects terminals, I might be tempted to trade or giveaway
this thing...After all original collecting was supposed to be Apple
computers only...now includes all micros 197x-198x...I dont wanna start
collecting terminals...

Oh yes, I am still hunting for these things : Next box, LC575 or Color
Classic board (my color classic is missing one), anything micros
197x-198x...Always interested in trades (I dont sell stuff) see my


The Canuck Computer Collector
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