Old complete terminal in a keyboard found...Synertek System Corp KTM-3..odd?

From: Dwight Elvey <elvey_at_hal.com>
Date: Fri Mar 9 20:51:57 2001

Claude <claudew_at_videotron.ca> wrote:
> Hi
> Well for me too things have been pretty slow my collection is growing
> and it is now tougher and tougher to find new stuff...
> I found an older terminal in a keyboard from a company called:
> KTM-3/80 from Synertek Systems Corporation
> Production date : 3/24/81
> Looks like a self-contained terminal in a keyboard with a composite
> video out (or rf?). Very odd looking for me and I dont recall seeing a
> lot of these things way back. I have not tested it yet but if anybody is
> interested, Ill take a picture and post the link here.

Hi Claude
 Is it fully populated or are there some empty places. It
came in two versions. 40 and 80 column. The 40 was missing a
number of chips. If it is a real 80 column, I'm looking for one.
I already have two 40 column ones. I also have schematics for
these on blue print paper. I could make copies for anyone
that needed them.
PS It is composite video. You just need the screen to make
a full keyboard/monitor.
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