Apple LC550

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 19:37:19 2001

> Thanks for the quick reply. I do not have a system CD so that is out.
>Although I have NO experience with Apples, my daughter has fallen in love
>with this guy. I would like to get it back to a stock config with Netscape
>so she can do her web thing. I woukd really like to put it on my UNIX
>network behind my firewall. Is TCP/IP and ethernet a tall order for one
>of these?

        It's a 33mhz 68030 so it is possible to use it for Netscape
and such but she'll have to be patient with it. If you can find one,
Earthlink had a CD with everything you need for an older Mac. You
could just pick and choose the various items off of it. If you can't
find it, let me know. My suggestion would be to use an older version
of Netscape and something like Eudora Light 3.1 vice the current
version. Both are a bit smaller and better geared towards the early
system. Other suggestions would be to make sure it has a LC-PDS
ethernet card, maxed RAM (36MB) and possibly even maxed VRAM (768k).
There's only a single VRAM expansion SIMM socket, so it will be easy
to see if it's maxed out. That'll give you 640 x 480 at 16bit.

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