rk611 controller available

From: Brian Roth <broth_at_heathers.stdio.com>
Date: Sat Mar 10 19:06:54 2001


     I have a few very nice 19" racks. They are DEC and are 5' in height. Your
welcome to one if you are ever in the western NY area.


> Well, I HAVE a dozen of the big panels, I NEED fewer ;) IE, I was offering
> if someone was in need. The other guy was looking for the smaller panels.
> I do have one that someone cut in half to make a 5.25" high panel, so
> that is something to consider doing if you really cant find a smaller
> panel or need a custom height.
> I dont even have a 19" rack for my PDP8e yet. The blank panels I found
> in the sub-basement of the building that the computer science department
> USED to be located in...
> -Lawrence LeMay
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