Apple LC550

From: Brian Roth <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 19:00:40 2001


    Thanks for the quick reply. I do not have a system CD so that is out.
Although I have NO experience with Apples, my daughter has fallen in love
with this guy. I would like to get it back to a stock config with Netscape
so she can do her web thing. I woukd really like to put it on my UNIX
network behind my firewall. Is TCP/IP and ethernet a tall order for one
of these?

BTW you were right on about the extensions. I got in fine now.

Thanks for your help,

> If it's a password protection on System 7.5.3 then it is most
> likely some kind of extension handling it. Have you tried booting
> with the extensions disabled (holding down the shift key as it
> boots)? That or try to boot off of another System CD.
> Jeff
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