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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 12:06:37 2001

(CC to classiccmp and port-vax)

        I have a MicroVAX II, complete, in a four-foot mini-rack with a Fujitsu
'Super Eagle' disk drive and Cipher 880 tape drive. Everything worked the
last time I had it powered (about a year ago).

        I want it to have a good home, but I also have some time and cleanup
effort invested in it, so I'd like to ask for $50.00 or best offer. LOCAL
PICKUP ONLY. It's too bulky for me to ship. (Kent, WA, southeast of Seattle).

        Also available:

        -- Two complete VCB02 video subsystems for the MicroVAX II/III. We're
talking boards, cables, cab kit, mice, KB's and monitors. MAKE ME AN OFFER.

        -- At least one, possibly two, BA23 enclosures with hardware and panels
(hardware may require some digging to find).

        -- Spare boards! MV-II CPU's, memory, etc. I know I have some Dilog
ESDI/Q-bus controllers, and there's probably some SMD boards in there as
well. Prices to be determined, probably best to make me an offer depending
on what you need and what I have.

        -- Seagate 'Saber' SMD drives, 850MB. These are nice units in their own
trays, with power supply and LCD display diagnostics front panel. I have at
least two left, possibly three. $25.00 each.

        -- PDP-11/73: I know I have at least one. Help me dig it out and we'll
see! ;-)

        Lord only knows what else I've got in there... I have yet to go through
numerous crates of stuff, but my plan is to clear out pretty much anything
that I won't need to keep our server farm/Internet presence intact and
healthy. This means most of my DEC stuff.

        Thanks in advance.

Bruce Lane, Owner and head honcho, Blue Feather Technologies // E-mail:
Amateur Radio: WD6EOS since Dec. '77 (Extra class as of June-2K)
"I'll get a life when someone demonstrates to me that it would be
superior to what I have now..." (Gym Z. Quirk, aka Taki Kogoma).
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