SCSI connectivity

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 12:02:29 2001

From: Jeff Hellige <>
>>In general, I'd say that if you can find an alternative to ADAPTEC, at
>>with their PCI products, I'd use the alternative.
> I've never had any problems with the 2930U with CD-R's,
>scanners and hard disks. I've not used the 2940U2B enough to make a
>judgement yet. I'll likely be running both in the same machine soon
>though so that I don't have to try and mix the LVD and SCSI-2 stuff
>on the same bus. The 2930U would be just for legacy stuff I don't
>feel like upgrading anyway, such as my scanner.

Same here. the 2930 series (most are U but I have a u2B)is a good
board that seems to be unbreakable. I must have at least 6 in use
plus another here at home. Two of those were installed to support
Plextor CDwriters exclusively on systems with IDE disks. Mixing drive
interface types on SCSI busses is somthing I DO NOT do, two many
performance impacts.

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