SCSI connectivity

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 12:32:59 2001

I've got the motherboard chipset equivilant of a 2940u2w and a second 2940u2w
card in my system. The former supports all the internal drives and the latter
supports the external ones. The adaptecs are a little finicky about drive
connections and especially about termination, but once you get a wiring solution
that works, they never *die*.

(yeah, I could support the cdrom burner without its own card, but I used to
have a SCSI scanner that made the chain too long, so...)

My only complaint is it takes *forever* for these cards to initialise at boot
time. I've also had good luck with tekram SCSI boards, although I've never
used anything beyond fast scsi with them. They're quick, they're cheap,
and they initialize very quickly. Unfortunately for me when I was acquiring
my second scsi board, the BeOS driver situation pretty much limited you to
adaptec. (it's better now, this was a while ago)

Since I seem to recall this topic started out talking about 1542Bs, let me say
those cards are indistructable. I ran one I got used in my linux server for 5
years - total card age probably close to 10, so it's on topic) and replaced it
only because I was concerned that I could no longer get spares, and if this
server dies I need to be able to fix it quick. They're a pain to set up -
you have to go into debug to kick off the onboard utilities, unlike the later
cards where you can do it from the keyboard - but they work.

> From: Jeff Hellige <>
> >>In general, I'd say that if you can find an alternative to ADAPTEC, at
> least
> >>with their PCI products, I'd use the alternative.

Jim Strickland
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