SCSI connectivity

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 12:33:59 2001

>My main problem is with the 2940AU, though the support, or lack
>thereof, is not
>a design problem, but rather an ADAPTEC administrative policy.
>Their policy is
>that once they've got your money, you don't matte any more.

        Maybe they've changed thier customer service policies in the
last couple of years, as I've not had to use it at all. When I did
6-7 years ago for the upgrade of the 1522's BIOS, i didn't have a
single problem.

>2 gig's??? The two '0662's I have right here are both 1 GB. Are
>there different
>models? I've used 'em together with larger drives but they've
>always claimed to
>be 1 GB drives, which is what they claimed when they were new. They are about
>the best 3-1/2" SCSI drives I've used, in that there's never a
>problem and they
>always behave just as expected.

        My mistake...I mistyped it. The drive is actually an 0664M1H
and it is 2gig. I've had this thing plugged up to PC's, Amiga's,
Mac's, you name it. I've had it roughly 7 years and it is one of the
best drives I ever had. My only complaint is that it runs a bit hot
and at the time I got it the terminator for it, which plugged into
the cable connector, was still pretty pricey. Then again, when I got
it in trade from someone, the drive itself was still about $1200.
IBM replaced it once under warranty without any problems whatsoever.


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