Apple LC550

From: Philip Gwyn <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 14:32:23 2001

Ainsi parla (

> I made one myself
> successfully.
Doesn't the adapter need to tell the Mac what resolutions it can handle?

> I used it on LC III and 610. Should work on any mac
> LC series, any centris, quadra, performas.

I got one free with my new monitor. It's stunning how less cramped the mac
feels when i use my 17" rather then the 14" that came with it :)
> Working on these Macs is far easier than peecees and more fun.

I don't really know about fun. I was given a Centris 630AV last summer that
I use to test the web sites I develope on. And, as a long-time Mac hater, I
must say that Mac OS really is much friendlier and simpler then Windows. As
long as I have a real computer (read Linux) nearby to do work on, playing
with the Mac was nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be. My main
gripe is that applications or version of apps for 68k machines are becoming
few and far between.

BTW, I haven't found out how to use the AV inputs on the Centris yet. Where
would I find a small app that would read the video/audio in and display it
on the screen, at least. This would make (albeit silly, noisy, large)
monitor for my C64, TI-99 and various Ataris and Odesseys.

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