Questions on a couple PDP-11 boards (ABLE/AVIV)

From: Gregory R. Travis <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 08:54:31 2001

I have an AVIV TFC-825 UNIBUS board, which I believe is a Pertec
formatted TS11 interface.

I also have an ABLE 10412-0 QBUS board, which I believe is some
kind of UNIBUS->QBUS bridge.

Naturally I've got absolutely no documentation on either. I've sent
email to both AVIV and ABLE but haven't heard anything back.

I'd like to use one or the other to help bootstrap a PDP-11/44
that I just got running last night.

Plan 1 is to use the AVIV to interface to my existing DigiData
9-track drive. However, the DigiData uses 49-pin ribbon cables while
the AVIV seems to want 59-pin cables.

Plan 2 is to use the ABLE board to bridge the 11/44s UNIBUS to
a QBUS backplane and then use a DigiData QBUS controller to
connect to the tape drive.

I've got all the hardware, cables, etc. to do this but I'm
a little gunshy of just plowing ahead lest I end up letting the
smoke out.



Gregory Travis
Cornerstone Information Systems ATS
812 330 4361 ext. 18
Received on Wed Mar 14 2001 - 08:54:31 GMT

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