VCF 5.0 date?

From: Ernest <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 21:48:34 2001

Will there be a shipping booth at the VCF? I have to fly in, and since I
haven't been to the VCF before, I have no idea if there will be tons of
items that I'll want to buy. If so, then shipping will be the only way for
me to get the stuff home.

Is there a large swap meet area, with lots of good stuff?


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On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Tom Uban wrote:

> I assume this is the California VCF. How is the East coast VCF shaping up?

Yes. The main VCF event is September 15/16 at the San Jose Convention

I'm still searching for a suitable venue for VCF East 1.0. I was all set
to do it at the Rhodes Island Convention Center but their fees are too

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