Found in my inbox

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 22:23:18 2001

Although it's not directly classic computer related, I got a kick out of this
email I received today. Some of you may enjoy it... Remind me to tell you
about the fun I had a few years back with surface mount MIL-SPEC 0 Ohm
resistors. (Yes that is a zero).

> There is currently a worldwide shortage of very high value ohmite resistors
> in the range of 100 - 10,000,000 Mohms (yes, up to 10^13 ohms - they
> actually do exist!). The best lead time is ~18-20 weeks.
> If anyone has a resistor of this type, I need the 10^13 ohms value, which I
> would borrow for a few tests if possible.

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